Yay! – Three Room Studio New Release

Hooray watermark

Time for a new Three Room Studio release!

As soon as I saw this new image from the new Yay! set, I thought “that’s me, excited about my giant stack of birthday presents”.  Except my hair isn’t that good and my waist isn’t that thin.

(And a quick note on the coloring – her pants are colored with C5, C7 and C10.  I intended for them to look like black pants but somehow that color combo was a perfect “dark wash denim”.  It’s like some kind of crazy Copic magic!)

I searched through some of my other sets for the “presents” and used the following:

I just added some lines with a Copic safe pen for the ribbons, a little bit of easy masking and a mountain of presents just waiting to be opened was created!

Now my mind is racing – what else could she be excited about!?

Thanks for visiting!

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